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 Belle Kennel


When you can't be there . . .


If you're anything like us, you have an incredible connection with your pets.  When you are out of town, you want to make sure they're with someone who will love them just as much as you do. That's why we started Belle Kennel, to give you peace of mind while you're on extended trips away from Fido and Fluffy.  So leave them in good hands and enjoy yourself!


 Our Guarantee:

We guarantee a well connected experience while you are away.  We will contact you immediately should there be any concerns.





Your pet's home away from home!



With over an acre of fenced land, which is divided into ten areas, dogs can be matched up with suitable playmates according to size, temperament, age and activity level.  They get plenty of exercise, socialization and interaction, unless they prefer quiet time, which is fine too.  Inside, each guest has his own private area with a soft comforter provided, in which to sleep and eat.  With air conditioning in the summer months and in-floor heating during the winter, your best friend will always be comfortable!

We also have plenty of room for your feline friends.  Cats stay on the upper level of our home, with no dog contact.  With floor to ceiling suites, complete with skylights, climbing shelves, cozy cat condos, and scratching posts, your cat will enjoy vacationing in our country home.


Our Mission:  To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.